Declined: application of Loktra

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Declined: application of Loktra

Post by Loktra on Mon Dec 15, 2014 7:14 pm

Character name:

Level, race, spec and class:
Lvl 100, Orc, Frost, Mage.

Current equipped item level:
ilvl 648

Age and occupation:
24, studying.

Geographical location:
Madrid, Spain.

State the reasons you chose your current class and spec:

I'm very comfortable Dpsing in games, althought I was tanking or healing if raid needed it many times. In Cataclysm, I was tired of playing Paladin, my Wotlk's main character, and always got curiosity about mages, so I decide to create one. I liked it, and WoD is the 3rd expansion with Mage as main character.

Do you have any other raid-ready characters that you could/wish to use? If yes, please state character names, levels, races, specs and classes.

Not at the moment, i'm leveling DK (Tank) and Shaman (Resto), but they're not 100 yet.

Your current professions:

Alchemy + Herbalism 700/700 skill.

Cooking+ Fishing 700 skill both.

Provide a screenshot of your UI and a relevant damage/healing meter:

Both from LFR, Kargath 1st one, Butcher 2nd one. As you can see, my DPS is always 21k+

State your currently installed addons:
Recount, Decursive, DBM. The basic ones.

Previous guild(s):
Orgrimmar Zeppelin Crew.

Current guild:
Nine Out of Ten Ready

State your reason for leaving your current guild:

Management for raiding is not good at all, they've got many players with bad performance and officers/rl don't worry about it.
People is not serious with raiding stuff, and tbh, progression is not great. (Same as Lephyaran, we're together in that guild)

State your expectations of Unforgiven:

Mature but fun people, good progression on raiding.

Are you capable of vocal communication through TeamSpeak?

Yes, no problem.

How do you handle criticism?

Constructive critics are always welcome Smile

Are there any current Unforgiven members that you know?

Not yet.

Are you capable of showing up on our three raiding days, not including special irl events?

Sure, 100% attendance, but emergencies.

Give us a summary of your background and interests:

Videogames, animals, music, literature, wargames (Warhammer mostly), TV series, movies...

Where did you take note of our recruitment?

My friend Lephyaran saw your forum post.

This application is relacionated with Lephyaran's one, as we want to raid together. Thanks for reading it.


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Re: Declined: application of Loktra

Post by Berry on Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:46 pm

Thank you for your application!

Unfortunately, we currently have enough mages in the group that are performing as required.

We wish you good luck in your search for a guild.

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