Declined: application of Sanderson

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Declined: application of Sanderson

Post by SandersonWarrior on Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:18 pm

Character name:

Level, race, spec and class:
Level 100, Orc warrior. Currently gearing for Fury as well as Prot so whichever you would prefer me to play.

Current equipped item level:
607 but increasing as I write this, recently dinged and farming dungeons etc currently.

Age and occupation:
22, used to be a Supervisor at a supermarket until a recent re-structure so now I'm just a general assistant again.

Geographical location:
UK, near Brighton

State the reasons you chose your current class and spec:
Been a warrior since I started wow in 2005, always loved the class and if I decided to play another class I always end up back playing this character.

Do you have any other raid-ready characters that you could/wish to use? If yes, please state character names, levels, races, specs and classes.
None as yet but hopefully will be levelling my priest / rogue fairly soon.

Your current professions:
Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting, working on having both maxed soon.

Provide a screenshot of your UI and a relevant damage/healing meter:
State your currently installed addons:, previous logs I had from my time in my previous have been cleared due to wol clean-up. I'm using Elvui with some basic additions, Tidy Plates, DBM, OmniCC, MSBT and Skada.

Previous guild(s):
Solidarity EU, Tarren Mill - They were on outland until the start of MoP, were the #1 guild on the server at the time. Disbanded this year while waiting for WoD release and certain members of the officer team going into their final years at uni. Haven't really been in a competitive guild since these guys.

Current guild:
Current guild is called 'squishy' was a guild some friends were in for levelling.

State your reason for leaving your current guild:
I am looking for a more permanent guild to raid with and basically enjoy myself raiding.

State your expectations of Unforgiven:
As I said above, looking for a decent bunch of guys to raid with and have a good time doing so while progressing at the sharp end of content.

Are you capable of vocal communication through TeamSpeak?
Yes I have a working microphone and can speak when required.

How do you handle criticism?
Constructive criticism is the fastest way to learn in a raiding environment

Are there any current Unforgiven members that you know?
I've known Nath / Eremere for years.

Are you capable of showing up on our three raiding days, not including special irl events?
Yes attendance shouldn't be an issue.

Give us a summary of your background and interests:
I've always been into gaming from a very young age and I've always been competitive so with wow be it in a raiding environment or with PvP I've always tried to have the best gear and best people around me. Another interest outside of gaming is cars in a big way, I love Japanese cars and the next project is to build myself a drift car in the garage when funds permit Wink

Where did you take note of our recruitment?
Was speaking to Eremere in /w and he suggested I apply!


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Re: Declined: application of Sanderson

Post by Berry on Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:21 pm

Thank you for your application!

Unfortunately, the raiding team already has 3-4 warriors on it (2 raiders and 2 trials), so at this current moment in time we cannot provide you with a trial.

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