Raid rules and information

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Raid rules and information

Post by Berry on Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:02 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Rules and information Like a Star @ heaven
- Raids occur every Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 19:45 until 23:00 server time
- Raids will always be announced by in-game calendars which are made at least one week ahead of time
- Raiders and Trials require to sign up (accepted/tenative/declined) at least 24 hours before the raid starts, else a penalty of -200EP will follow
- Raiders and Trials that sign tentative or declined must inform an officer of the reason of their absence
- Every participant is required to log on TeamSpeak during the entire duration of the raid
- Every participant is required to bring enough flasks and potions for the duration of one raid, food will be provided by the guild bank as long as there are feasts or banquets to be used

Like a Star @ heaven Loot Like a Star @ heaven
- Loot will be divided with the aid of the EPGP Lootmaster addon
- The priorities are as follows: mainspec > minor upgrade > offspec > transmog > disenchant
- Trial ranks do not have priority and will only receive loot when no raider requests an item for mainspec or minor upgrade
- The Raider rank has priority over the Back-up Raider rank
- On special occasions, the officers may deviate from the addon and take a different decision about the loot division

Like a Star @ heaven EPGP Like a Star @ heaven
- 100EP/hour will be granted after every raid
- People that have signed accepted and do not show will receive a penalty of -200EP
- People that have signed accepted and log on after 20:00 server time will receive a penalty of -100EP
- When participants begin failing easy mechanics, the officers can decide to implement a penalty for those failures

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