Accepted: application of Mifletzet

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Accepted: application of Mifletzet

Post by yarost on Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:19 pm

Character name:

Level, race, spec and class:
Lvl 90 Orc Warrior

Current equipped item level:
ilvl 581

Age and occupation:
26, currently starting my first year of second degree in law school

Geographical location:
Israel, though I was born in poland

State the reasons you chose your current class and spec:
I have been playing a holy paladin and a disc priest for about 6 years now and I had to make a change. Always loved warrior's mobility and smashing things in the face.  I've recently returned playing, a few months ago, and joined my real life friend's guild, Solaris, which really got me going.  I always try to make the most out of my character and fury is the way to go.

Do you have any other raid-ready characters that you could/wish to use? If yes, please state character names, levels, races, specs and classes.
Mahshefa, level 90 Orc Shaman - Item level 568
I also have a 90 DK, Pally and Priest, who are 530ish.

Your current professions:
My war has Engineering for added mobility and Blacksmithing for extra sockets(stats), but I can also provide maxed out Enchanting, Mining,  and Jewlcrafting on my alts.

Provide a screenshot of your UI and a relevant damage/healing meter:
Im at work at the moment but would be happy to provide one later.
My list of addons will provide a good picture though.

State your currently installed addons:
ElvUI, HealBot, Postal, Weak Auras 2, AtlasLoot, AskMrRobot, Omen, GTFO, TellMeWhen, Power Auras, CLCInfo, Gnosis, Timers, RageBar, Tiny Melee Stats, Alert, TauntSpy, Fury Definrillator and Recount.

Previous guild(s):
Dice, Spawn, FlameOn, Unknown Entity, Calamitous Intent, Omen

Current guild:

State your reason for leaving your current guild:
Solaris is going all out Mythic raiding and there is simply no room for me.
I wish to leave Solaris because they are scaling down from 25 man to 20 man and a lot of their members can't get a raid spot any longer.

State your expectations of Unforgiven:
I expect a friendly but serious raiding atmosphere.

Are you capable of vocal communication through TeamSpeak?
I got TS3 Installed, a headset and a mic. I also have a rather sexy voice if I might add.

How do you handle criticism?
I consider myself a criticism welcoming individual, this is how we can learn to improve and adapt. As long as it's constructive then it's always welcome.

Are there any current Unforgiven members that you know?
Unfortunately no.

Are you capable of showing up on our three raiding days, not including special irl events?
I can attend all raiding days.

Give us a summary of your background and interests:
I'm mature, competent, skilled, trust worthy, friendly, hard working, helpful, reliable and a quick learner.
My interests consist of Gaming, a little bit of sport when I'm not too lazy, travelling with my fiancee and resent my future mother in law .

Where did you take note of our recruitment?
Ragnaros's Forums on


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Re: Accepted: application of Mifletzet

Post by Thatdawg on Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:01 pm

So ive read through the application and its looks good, whisper any of the officers to get a invite :>.


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