Accepted: application of Gillko/Osusk

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Accepted: application of Gillko/Osusk

Post by Gilko on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:18 pm

Character name:
Level, race, spec and class:
Hunter, orc, 90, Survival
Palladin, Tauren, 90, Holy

Current equipped item level:
Hunter : 526
Paladin : 483

Age and occupation:
19, Studying Engineering at Uni

Geographical location:
UK, Hertfordshire

State the reasons you chose your current class and spec:
I Love that hunters are ranged but don't have to stand around casting all the time and i like playing my paladin as i like to feel i am being useful rather than just another dps

Do you have any other raid-ready characters that you could/wish to use? If yes, please state character names, levels, races, specs and classes.

Your current professions:
Hunter - Skinning and Leatherworking
Paladin - Enchanting and Jewlerycrafting

Provide a screenshot of your UI and a relevant damage/healing meter:
I had problems trying to upload an image of my dps for my hunter but managed to pull out around 180k+ that was after having a break of playing the game and very low gear, I also burst at 205k+ both with out buffs. My healing will also not represent what i can do as i have malevolent pvp gear as I haven't played properly since that patch.

State your currently installed addons:
Dps Meter, DBM, Omni CC, Tidy plates when needed, and some other random ones such as titan panel. I can download any others that you may require

Previous guild(s):
Jannisaries (not sure if i spelt correct) this was back in cata and on a different server but they have now disbanded

Current guild:
Sweet Nectar (just a guild with some friends)

State your reason for leaving your current guild: Will not be raiding in WoD
State your expectations of Unforgiven:
To be able to raid in a friendly atmosphere while making good progress

Are you capable of vocal communication through TeamSpeak?

How do you handle criticism?
Well, im not gonna run away crying if i get yelled at and am willing to take on what anyone has to say to help improve my performance

Are there any current Unforgiven members that you know?

Are you capable of showing up on our three raiding days, not including special irl events?

Give us a summary of your background and interests:
I am currently Studying Aerospace engineering at Uni as I like space and shit, I go to the gym 4 times a week and I like to game Very Happy

Where did you take note of our recruitment?
In trade chat

Additional notes:
I did not raid seriously in Mop as it did not appeal to me, I only completed raid finders while I was active during the expansion, where as WoD looks very interesting. I am happy to play either of my two roles or even use my boost to 90 with the expansion to play a role you need most as i can adapt to new classes pretty quick.


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Character Names

Post by Gilko on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:44 pm

Sorry forgot character names
Hunter = Gillko
Palading = Osusk


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Re: Accepted: application of Gillko/Osusk

Post by Eremere on Tue Oct 14, 2014 3:24 pm

Nice application.

With WoD being quite close, I know we are looking for Healers and DPS to boost up to the 20 man Mythic. The ilvl's are quite low for raiding at the moment but in WoD it's all a fresh start!

And +1 for being from the UK!

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Re: Accepted: application of Gillko/Osusk

Post by Thatdawg on Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:04 pm

Ive looked through the application and it looks fine, whisper any of the officers in the guild to get a invite. Welcome


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Re: Accepted: application of Gillko/Osusk

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